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ASA (Primordial Earth) 1.75mm 1kg Filament [DERL7006G09SA] ASA

Paramount 3D filaments are made from 100% virgin ASA and vacuum sealed with desiccant. Filaments are compatible for use in all top brand 3D printers. ASA is perfect for models needing high resistance to temperature, UV, and impact & wear. Please search 'PARAMOUNT 3D' for more colors and filament types. FORM THE POSSIBILITIES

ASA (Primordial Earth) 1.75mm 1kg Filament [DERL7006G09SA] ASA

  • 1.75mm UV resistant weather resistant 3D printer filament
  • Diameter Accuracy: 99% is within ± 0.04mm
  • Nozzle Temperature: 220℃ - 260℃
  • Bed Temp 100℃ - 110℃